Mary Kathryn Jackson

Yoga Instructor, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Life Coach


            Mary Kathryn is a Yogini, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, and lover of life! She discovered her personal healing practice through yoga in 2004. A natural born lover of dance and other movement-based activities, the yogic practice resonated with her. It provided her a way of learning to live with intention and purpose; it redirected her awareness to her breath; it grounded her through the physical practice of facing her strengths and weaknesses, and exploring the challenges that come with that.

            As a teacher, Mary Kathryn aims to help you cultivate greater awareness and consciousness of your body and its rhythms to restore the body, mind, and spirit to a free and natural state through releasing stagnation. She intends to offer students an organically playful, yet deep, experience of release and creative exploration by tapping into the profound wisdom of the body and heart through breath-led movement and intuitive listening.

Exceptionally skilled in working with clients of varying abilities, she offers hands-on adjustments and modifications for all levels. 

Mary Kathryn practiced yoga for ten years before earning her certification in 2014 with Yoga Alliance through Shine On Yoga in Orlando, Florida. She is attuned to the Reiki II level and is trained in several other modalities of energy medicine. She continues to study anatomy, physiology, herbalism, ayurveda, and other self-healing techniques. 

Her classes are often influenced by the rhythms of nature, as well as various forms of yoga and energy medicine techniques. You will always be greeted with a warm smile and loving intention. She is currently traveling throughout the country offering workshops, pop up classes, and private sessions. Find out more about her private sessions & upcoming classes below!


“Mary Kathryn's class is lovely and magical


- A.

"Mary Kathryn's classes are restorative, spiritually supportive, and invigorating. "

- K.J

"We have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and Mary Kathryn has become one of our favorite instructors ever.  She leads the group through postures that cater to each person's needs and abilities - always with a sensitive touch and fun demeanor.  Unlike many yoga classes that are intense, stodgy and overly serious, her use of sounds and releases allows us to go deeper and yet stay light and positive.  There is a joyousness in Mary Kathryn's classes that we have never experienced before.  Also, she introduced us to new and different approaches to asanas we have been doing for years, exploring new techniques, honing focus and achieving results.  After a class with her we always feel enlivened, refreshed, relaxed and just plain happy."

- S.L and B.B

"Mary Kathryn is an influence that arrives to shake your soul of anything that's dimming its light. Her subtle nature and glowing smile draws people to her; some part of you knows she's going to alter you before you even say hello... Never did she preach, or stand on a soap box, she just loved. Incredible how the heart can mend in the presence of someone who truly just loves. I got to bear witness to her path of embracing her femininity and see how she balanced strength with pure grace as only a woman could. She taught me that self love and caring for your entire being isn't a trend or a fad but the simple secret most of us missed out on."

- Beth B.

“Mary Kathryn is a soulful yoga teacher and beautiful human being. She moves through life with a beautiful mix of grace, laughter, and wisdom. Mary Kathryn’s heart radiates in all that she does. She is a gift.

 - Rachel Nixon, Founder & Director,

The Dancing Elephant studio

"During my private yoga session she guided my stiff and heavy body through motions and breathing techniques that released emotions as well as muscles, by the end I felt light for the first time."

- Beth

"My session with Mary Kathryn was one of the most profound experiences of my life.  I experienced release and clearing of emotions that had been buried for decades. Years of criticism from key figures in my life were peeled away. I gained insight and perspective into my current profession. I felt as though she was able to unify past lives. The work we did together was nothing short of amazing. When I opened my eyes I giggled and exclaimed: “The whole world looks different now!”, because it did. It looked clearer, brighter and more meaningful. Later, I feel I still carry this increased clarity. I would and have recommended her to anyone who is considering doing this kind of work, and to anyone who is stuck. She is gifted and nothing short of amazing."

~Terrie W.


Past Workshops


Private Sessions

Mary Kathryn is gifted in working with her hands and is very experienced in offering private and semi-private sessions. In a private session, Mary Kathryn will study your movement and energy patterns to determine what might be out of balance, as well as key elements of your lifestyle: diet, sleep, personal life, work, etc. in order to create the best healing plan with you. Her extensive training in energy healing modalities, her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and her powerful intuition are all part of the recipe in creating a customized plan for you to feel empowered on your journey to achieving and maintaining wellness.

If you are solely looking for a private physical yoga teacher, whether you are moving through health issues or looking for an experienced teacher to lead you in advancing your practice, she is skilled in guiding students through a challenging, supportive, and inspiring practice using hands-on adjustments and modifications for all levels. She is also knowledgable in making yoga accessible for those with physical limitations through adaptive poses and use of props.

Most importantly, Mary Kathryn appreciates the opportunity to share these tools of healing with everyone. She is always happy and willing to work out affordable payment options, so please don't hesitate to contact her to find out if she may be of service to you. 


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